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Free IELTS Mock example practice test: General Training Writing

Test your IELTS skills before the actual test day. This mock test can help you prepare for the real exam by familiarizing you with the format and getting you accustomed to what to expect on the day of your test. To help you prepare for the IELTS test, we've put together a mock exam to give you the chance to practice answering questions. It includes questions for each part of the test.

The following questions are actual IELTS general training writing exam questions and have been acknowledged by British Council. Test your knowledge and see how well you would score.

Part 5: General Training Writing

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You live in a room in college which you share with another student. However, there are many problems with this arrangement and you find it very difficult to work.

Write a letter to the accommodation officer at the college. In the letter,

  • describe the situation
  • explain your problems and why it is difficult to work
  • say what kind of accommodation you would prefer


Write at least 150 words.

Your writing

The following answer would classify for band 7:

IELTS mock general training sample


Examiner comment

Although ideas are often provided in the task rubric, candidates are at liberty to include some of their own ideas in their answers. In this case, the candidate has attempted to incorporate some original material. The answer reads quite fluently, is well organised and there is good use of conjunctions to link points. There are some grammatical errors but these do not affect the reader greatly and there is evidence of some more complex sentence structures.

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