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  • More than 800 British Council test locations
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  • More than 2.5 million tests taken last year

Prepare for IELTS with Magoosh

IELTS Magoosh is a 100% online resource designed to help you prepare for the IELTS exam at the Academic and General levels, whether this is your first IELTS test or a re-testing.  IELTS Magoosh includes a free-access blog about the IELTS Exam but also offers subscription-based access to lessons, preparation material, videos and practice questions. 

Some of the main IELTS Magoosh resources include:

  • IELTS Podcast
  • Complete Guide to the IELTS Exam eBook
  • One-Week IELTS Study Plan
  • One-Month IELTS Study Plan
  • IELTS Speaking Topics
  • IELTS Vocabulary
  • Magoosh IELTS Speaking Template
  • Good Question Guide
  • Book Reviews

IELTS Magoosh is the best way for you to prepare for the IELTS exam if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You’re a self-learner: you prefer to study on your own time and at your own pace.
  • You are a video-fan: you learn better by watching videos, compared to reading or to listening to a teacher.
  • You are a busy student or professional: you don’t have a lot of time to study and you want to squeeze in practice time here and there.

Achieve your best score in the IELTS test with Magoosh.

Why use IELTS Magoosh?

  • You can prepare for your IELTS exam anywhere, anytime.
  • It is available both on desktop and on mobile (PC, Mac, Android, and iOS).
  • You’ll have access to comprehensive video lessons looking at concepts, test challenges and how to easily overcome them.
  • You can prepare with 200 practice questions.
  • You’ll be supported by helpful remote tutors via email.
  • Subscription options are extremely affordable: ¼ the price of competitors.
  • You can access high-quality preparation material created by IELTS experts.
  • You’ll be studying with the most recent, tried-and-tested materials.
  • You can take notes, bookmark, read transcripts, and give feedback to the Magoosh team.
  • Magoosh guarantees you'll see an overall band score improvement of +0.5 points if you go through all the lessons and material. OR you get your money back.

What does IELTS Magoosh include?

IELTS Magoosh can help you prepare for all the parts of the IELTS test with materials that are comprehensive without being overwhelming. Here’s how the preparation is divided:

  • Complete guide to IELTS Listening
    This Guide to IELTS Listening takes you through key strategies you need to improve your Listening scores. The guide includes a free IELTS Practice Test, an IELTS Listening Diagnostic Test, recommended resources which are updated every year, Magoosh’s free IELTS eBook, and sample tasks.
  • Complete Guide to IELTS Speaking
    This Guide to IELTS Speaking includes all you need to know about this short, but challenging part of the exam. You’ll start with basic aspects and progress to tips and tactics to help you develop your exam strategy. The guide includes a Diagnostic Test, a free IELTS Practice test, an IELTS speaking interview simulation video, and free IELTS flashcards to help you learn new English words.
  • Guides to IELTS Reading
    Because the IELTS Reading exams are quite different at General and Academic levels, you will have access to both guides. The guides start with basic IELTS Reading info and continue to discuss practice tests, strategies, and tips to help you perform better. Some of the materials included are: Diagnostic Quiz, free IELTS Practice Test with IELTS reading samples, and Reading Practice Test videos, among others.
  • Study with Magoosh’s Free IELTS eBook
    The Complete Guide to the IELTS Exam is 100% free! It has more than 150 pages covering all aspects of IELTS preparation and all there is to know about every type of question you’ll find in the exam. You’ll discover tested strategies to help you master each question type, along with sample problems with explanations. As a bonus, the book also provides you with study schedules and info about where to find more resources!


What users say about the benefits of using IELTS Magoosh to prepare for exams?

“Magoosh videos are very informative, very helpful and yet very affordable. These videos provide every piece of information that is required to ace the IELTS.”

“Magoosh practice modules make you familiar with the real exam questions and make for a confident, anxiety free preparation. Also the lessons are easy and very handy for the last minute preparation.”

“The lessons on the platform are perfect for exam-oriented study and are tailor-made for those who are short on time. The questions in the Practice module are representative of those I came across during the exam. The video explanations of the practice questions were highly useful to refine my approach to exam questions.”

Achieve your best score in the IELTS test with Magoosh.

  • For applying for a master in Lund University I did the IELTS language test. There are a lot of dates for giving a test, so you don’t have to stress about the time of applying.

  • I knew from one of my friends that IELTS is one of the best tests. I made a little research online upon the language tests and I decided to take IELTS.

  • As I had always been fond of the British examinations in English, I registered for the IELTS exam. I should admit it was a remarkable experience; despite the fact that the examinations were demanding and in consecutive order without any break in between, I do remember this examination for its impressive results, as I got a 7.5/9.

  • I took the IELTS test, because I found that it is the only one that is being asked in every country. I had planned to send more applications to other universities in different countries in case I wasn’t accepted.

  • More than 800 British Council test locations
  • Accepted by more than 9,000 institutions
  • More than 2.5 million tests taken last year

Test your English language proficiency

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