IELTS centers are opening up again after coronavirus restrictions

Last update: 26 june 2020

After months of cancelled and delayed testing, there is good news on IELTS exams. Many test centers are gradually opening up again for exams.However there are some limitations and precautions that have to be taken.

The following locations have opened again for new exam bookings. Exams may not be taken in the next one or two weeks, but most locations offer possibilities to take your exam in the coming months. That is really positive for all people that want to fulfill their dream of studying abroad as soon as possible.

Check out your location for the current possibilities for taking an IELTS exam.

Some general rules apply for everybody who wants to take a test. If you have been exposed to novel coronavirus, or if you are unwell, have a cough or fever, or are showing signs of being short of breath, please do not visit the test center. This, of course, is common practice and does not only account for visiting test centers. You are advised to wear a mask when you are outside or in the testing center. Almost all testing centers will provide hygienic measures in order to wash your hands and avoid personal contact as much as possible. In addition you are asked to keep a safe distance to everybody that you meet at a test center. In order to keep everybody safe, every test location has iets own additional rules in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Good luck with your exam. Please stay safe and continue your dreams of studying abroad.

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